Forsheda hus construction

About Forsheda Group

Our goal is to be the obvious choice of professional partner for your construction project. We act quickly in keeping up with developments in our sector. We are driven by demand as well as our customers' needs and expectations. Our ambition as a partner and supplier is to be unrivaled both in terms of quality and price, and to always be the most cost-effective choice for your construction project.

With a powerful entrepreneurship, with closeness to local businesses and with committed co-workers, we want to push the development, chare ideas and cooperate. To be able to affect the quality, we have created a business where the most important resources are owned and controlled by us. With optimal choices of material for each project, and with adapted technical solutions, we can make a positive impact on your results.

We are focused on customized solutions as well as having an efficient production. Furthermore, we constantly work to improve and to make progress to be able to meet the future needs of the market. ForshedaGruppen offer components of a high-class level, both price-and quality-wise and and we also offer an easy and flexible customer experience.

Forsheda Gruppen works with acquisitions and the development of companies in the construction sectors, along with other companies that provide related products. Our goal is to become the professional builder's One-Stop-Shop for everything a construction project needs, when it comes to prefabrication.

Our vision is to create a platform where innovation and sustainability takes place. With our width and compined knowledge within our company, we can offer a wide variety of solutions.